We have a very straightforward philosophy about developing people performance.

Step 1 – Look forwards… not backwards

You don’t climb a mountain by staring at base camp. You don’t drive forwards by constantly looking backwards. We focus on helping people to look forwards rather than getting them to look over their shoulder. We help people to find out what they want -rather than what they don’t. We help people to discover the fire that will propel them forwards.

Step 2 – Think… about what needs to be different

What difference would 10% more confidence make to your life? How would people know if you were at your leadership best tomorrow? What would be different if you were more of a team player? If a valued Client gave you their ‘partner of the year’ award, what is it that you would have done to achieve it? A thousand mile journey starts with one step – however, it has to be a step in the right direction. That’s what thinking “difference” gives you.

Step 3 – Be yourself… But with more skill

Positive change requires people to take responsibility for doing things in new and different ways. This “doing” is much more likely when people are springing off strengths that they already have rather than looking into the deep hole of absent competencies. Being yourself with more skill will enable you to make a difference – and remember, many small differences can make for a big difference.

Find the above statements odd?

Are you or your people looking forwards, clear on what value needs to be created tomorrow, taking responsibility for positive change?

If not, it might be time for a change…